Thursday, May 29, 2008

Little Bob...

Now Lucy is 2 and a little girl i thought it might be fun to remember her as a little squirt.... :)

and one from when she was even younger:

some nice publicity for true motion...

have a look at this interview....

Friday, May 23, 2008

popcorn and twizzlers...

a short movie clip from Ironman Arizona...filming by my dad, very poor attempt at editing by me :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bob turns 2!

Saturday May 17th marked Lucy's second birthday so we invited a bunch of people round for her birthday celebration. The VIP guest for the day was Lucy's special friend Valentin, her glamorous half French/half Brazilian sweet heart from Coconut Grove Montessori. We also had a bunch of other kids and their parents (mostly our friends or Charlotte's colleagues) and had a good old time.

Charlotte did a splendid job of planning a "Go Diego Go" themed party with lots of decorations, games and toys for the kids. We also had a small buffet and of course the Kid favorites of Pizza and PBJ's didn't last long as the parents seemed to prefer them over the more adult oriented hors d' 0euvres!

Lucy of course was very spoiled with lots of gifts and thoroughly enjoyed being the center of attention! The finale was a purple Dora the Explorer cake with Peanut Butter Ice cream inside.

Poor Lucy was worn out by the end of the day but as you can imagine didn't want the day to end so going to sleep that night was a little more work than normal!

The calm before the storm:

Paul, Charlotte and Lucy

Christy, Mauricio and Lucy

Lucy assisted by Valentin

Lucy's cousin Sotiri

Lucy applying her lipstick

Josephine (no relation to Napoleon but she IS half French...)

Christy, Max and Lucy

Friday, May 16, 2008

Mile Marker 68

So last weekend, C and I had a little escape to the Florida Keys. For those who don't know what the keys are, they are a string of tiny islands off the south coast of Florida connected by a single road featuring MANY bridges. The final key at the end of it all is Key West which everyone must have heard of? Well anyway, we didn't go that far - we stayed at mile marker 68 (not literally camping on the side of the highway of a b&b type place overlooking the water). We did make it as far as mile marker 55ish but still a long way from Key West which is at Mile Marker 0.

Here are a few pics taken between some hardcore relaxation :)

View of absolutely nothing from the Poolside:

More of almost nothing...

Wow - the excitement of a dolphin! That's as good as it gets for this blog..we were just too busy relaxing to take more photos ;)

PS For those of you who are "Key impaired" - Mile marker 68 is in Long Key. We had a quick peek at Conch Key, Spent much of Saturday at Duck Key and had dinner at Key Largo and Key Colony Beach.

Friday, May 9, 2008

4 years and a day...

Yesterday, Charlotte and I celebrated 4 years of marital bliss! :)

It's hard to believe Lucy is almost 2 years old already and that 4 years have passed since we were married in Barbados. We were truly blessed to have an entire week long party for our Wedding shared by (most of) our families and good friends.

Here's a pic from the cocktail hour, shortly before we sat down for dinner...

...and in the background is the raft where I went on to lose my wedding ring about 5 hours later. (it was found by sister-in-law Anne thanks to her superb diving and seeing-in-the-darkness skills!)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Overcome with excitement!

wow. wow. WOW!! (can you tell i am excited yet??)

First off, Lucy just told me she wanted to go potty. She's been saying it now and again lately but without anything coming to fruition. HOWEVER, this time she actually had a dry diaper at the time so off went went to the bathroom and i sat her down. Lo and behold! A few grunts and a bit of gritting the teeth later we had a small pool of liquid in the potty! And then a bit more. And then more still... Totally exciting stuff for both father and daughter!! I showed her some TP and explained how to use it and then we flushed everything down the loo before washing our hands with soap and water. What a performance!! Looks like we are finally turning down the road of potty training!

Of course, we'd just been watching "Go Diego Go" so perhaps she was all inspired to do a pee pee in the Deigo potty?

Other exciting news from today...

So we (True-Motion) just got our first proper product review on a tri website.. Feel free to have a read if you like:

So far we have have some very positive feedback about all the features we packed into the jacket so hopefully this will help spread the word a little wider and get us great exposure....

Monday, May 5, 2008


I picked up my new tri bike on Saturday...

Side view in all its glory!

It is built a few changes from the standard build:
* Ergomo Power Meter w/ FSA crankset
* Dura Ace Brake Calipers
* Fi'z'ik Arione Saddle
* Zipp Wheels - Note the old skool front wheel ;)

Rear view - nice and sharp!

frontal aerodynamics - cuts through the wind like a hot knife through butter!