Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gran and Grandad before they were even Parents!

My dad made the mistake of sending me this classic picture from before I was born...

I can't resist making a few cheeky remarks:

  • How skinny??? Skinnier than I have ever been I am certain!

  • My mum's gloves - beautiful!

  • Ginger Goatee - say no more!

  • Top Hat - wonky for effect i wonder?

  • My mum's handbag - looks like she could have bought that this week!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dancing Queen....on no naps and way past bed time!!

After an early wake up, long drive to Orlando and a long day in Disney we then tested Lucy's mettle even further by taking her to a raucus Greek restaurant for dinner... As can be witnessed below, she passed the test in flying colors!

Monday, July 14, 2008

News from the Bashforth's....

Some General news updates on a few changes coming up for the Bashforths....

  1. As the picture above might suggest - we're pleased to announce we're expecting our second child in January 2009!! So far we're at 14 weeks so still a little early to find out the gender but Charlotte is certain she saw a "winkle" while getting the ultrasound this morning. We'll find out the gender for sure in a few more weeks. Naturally we're really excited and Lucy seems to be as well - she was asking Mommy if she could see the bay inside her tummy last week :)
  2. Charlotte has taken a new role with Diageo based back in Norwalk, CT so our time in FL is coming to an end. We're officially "heading north" on August 10th and will be returning to live in Stamford CT (but not in the same house!). We're certainly going to miss our friends down here and the FL lifestyle but we're also excited to be nearer to our old friends and family and I of course am excited to be nearer the snow!(Charlotte not so much!!)
  3. I am also on the move job wise and will be starting a new role with Jefferies at the beginning of August.

Disney and why it pays to take along your daughter ;)

As we have now entered our final month of Florida residency :( we decided to make a trip to Orlando this past weekend for a couple of days at Disney World.

Amongst the many, many attractions for Lucy to see , her favorite activities seemed to include anything that involved a Princess. As a father, I'm sure you will understand just how much of a drag this was ;)

Lucy with Sleeping beauty (we caught her between naps)
Cinderella (yes, the glass slipper DID fit!)

Lucy with Belle (having tamed the Beast - see further down)

Lucy with Ariel

The Beast dancing with the beauty (I was picked from the crowd to play "the Beast" at story time with Belle which was of course devasting for me....)

the Beast now turned into a Prince! (and we all lived happily ever after....)

Monday, July 7, 2008


Lucy picked up the Mike and gave us a (partial) rendition of her ABCs!